sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

Algorithms, Paradigms and Languages

After two weeks, I think I have some interesting to share.
Yesterday and today I am developing an application using the C language.
I've already imagined the solution, designed the algorithm and I thought that I would be prepared for implementing it. But, in the last years I've developed with Java language, and I forgot many things about C. We know there's a different paradigm between them. My mistake was that I tried to do some things like I do using Java, but it doesn't work, it's obvious.
So, my ask is: couldn't we have a layer between the algorithms and the implementation. We have the paradigm. But, I'm thinking in something that could convert the algorithm to any language, based only on the algorithm and on the paradigm.
Do we have something like this? I think this is something to research.

What follows is a small diagram of the idea.

I know for example that with a classes diagram we can obtain source code in Java or C# with some tools. But I'm thinking in something more generic. I'll think more about this.

See you in a next post.

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