sexta-feira, 2 de abril de 2010

Beginning master's degree

Hi again.
This week I started with only one thing in my head. To pass in the Sun Certified Java Programmer 6.0 exam (SCJP 6.0). I studied so much for one year and now I've passed =D. However, in the master's degree that I started this year, this facts doesn't count too much. So, yesterday (one day after I've passed in the SCJP exam), I tried to study a little because in the next week I'll have an exam in introduction to graph theory. But I couldn't because I was still thinking in Java.

Even being an introduction discipline, the exercises lists given before in Graph Theory left me worried. Other disciplines that I'm sdutying are Introduction to Computer Graphics and Data Structures and your Manipulation. These disciplines seems to be easier than Graph Theory, but they still deserve concern.

This weekend will be the easter. I will be studying graphs and eating chocolates. There's a positive side. =D

In the next posts I want to talk about some projects that I'm developing or almost starting.
Sorry if my english is horrible, but I'm trying to get better.

Happy Easter!

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